10 Reasons Why I Support William Ruto

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William Ruto

Many followers of this wall keep asking me to list the reasons why I so passionately support Dr. William Ruto to become the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya.

I always ignore the taunts because the question is often asked in jest by pro-Kieleweke supporters. But then again why do I love and support this politically besieged man from Sugoi?

Let me attempt a list. And until you successfully prosecute the man in a competent court, you can keep the Kiambaa and thief nyef nyefs to yourselves:

1. Charisma

Dr. William Ruto’s political presence is next to none. On the political platform, he inspires such confidence that even his closest detractors are envious about. This is a quality of a leader who can inspire people to pull and move in one direction.

2. Empathy towards the less fortunate

From his privileged status which he has personally cultivated from scratch, he never forgets his humble beginnings and extends help to those in need.

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I am sure, despite the many allegations leveled against him on land ownership in Ruai, he would have addressed the Kariobangi and Ruai demolitions differently and with a human face. Muigai has never experienced want. His selfishness blinds him from what is expected of a noble leader, noblesse oblige.

3. Ruto is a man of faith

As a Christian, I am guided by Matthew 7:1 – “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” William Ruto has been branded many names, including a hypocrite who hides his evil schemes in the church. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In a country where top leaders consort with the evil juju underworld while others wallow in alcohol, Dr. Ruto, a teetotaler, comes out as the safest, steady and sober pair of hands that can liberate this country from selfish evil schemes and lead us back to Godliness.

4. Loyalty

Ever since he cut his political teeth as a young operative in YK92, Dr. William Ruto’s political journey is defined by nothing else but consummate loyalty.

  • He served with dedication and diligence in both Presidents Moi’s and Kibaki’s cabinets;
  • He selflessly stood with Moi’s 2002 project Uhuru while the latter-day Uhuru praise singers and worshippers called him all sorts of names;
  • He selflessly stood with Raila Odinga in 2007 for which he was the ICC sacrificial lamb;
  • He single-mindedly, selflessly and successfully campaigned for Uhuru Kenyatta Presidential election in 2013 and 2017;
  • He has been since 2013, before the current political thuggery, mudslinging and pre 2022 undermining, been and remains a loyal Deputy President of the Republic.

The above says a lot about the man. Loyalty and single-minded dedication is a rare gem to find in a politician. Dr. William Ruto is one of a kind.

5. William Ruto is a Patriot

Dr. Ruto is the only senior politician who has attended local schools upto PhD level. His children, unlike other families with the financial might as him, have also attended local schools.

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This is a big testament about the man. He believes in homegrown solutions and building local capacity. That is a leader who deserves to be taken very seriously.

6. Dedication and excellence to duty

Dr. William Ruto’s tour of duty as Minister for Agriculture and Education is remarkable. He is definitely a man with visionary leadership skills and leaves positive indelible marks and footprints wherever he goes.

He remains the most indefatigable of the current crop of leaders.

7. Accepts his failures

On several occasions, Dr. William Ruto has publicly owned up to his failings as a human being, including siring a child outside wedlock. He takes the bold step of taking responsibility and making amends.

This is rare, especially for those in the political class, hypocritically holding themselves as moral cops but are hiding several skeletons in the closet.

8. Politically thickskinned

Dr. Ruto, despite all the political thuggery, mudslinging and vindictiveness being directed at him, remains boldly resolute, unbowed, unshaken and silent.

Dr. Ruto is a rare breed in a field of politicians, including Muigai himself, who can’t stand public criticism and ridicule, to the extent of deleting their social media accounts, yet they want to indefinitely remain in public limelight through dictatorial means.

9. Political charm and likeability.

There is none in the current political landscape who can match Dr. Ruto’s political magic, support and love across communities.

Muigai came a distant second but has since squandered that spot by shamelessly betraying and undermining his deputy.

10. Family

The family is the main pillar that defines a man. His socio-political worth and credibility can be deduced from how he manages, holds together and assimilates his family to the community.

Dr. Ruto’s family remains admirably humble and approachable. This, naturally, is a microcosm of impeccable leadership skills.

It is against the collapse, failure and unsubstantiated narratives of “thief,” “murderer,” “assassination plotter,” “land grabber,” etc, that the new personal affront against the DP, as a “wife batterer” is now being sustained. But as all the others, because it has no basis, it will fail.

It leaves me wondering, how can politics and money make some seemingly respectable men stoop so low, to a point of, without any iota of shame, attack a man’s family and selling their souls to the devil?

I love politics; fully engaged in Kenyan politics on most social media programs. Here I share my views without fear or favor. Otherwise, I earn my living as a Senior ICU Nurse in Michigan US

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