Brain Dead: What Next?

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Brain Dead

Picture this…its an ordinary day but windy. A guy gets to his car and drives to his work place. While at the parking lot, it gets more windy.
Suddenly an electric pole gets knocked down by the wind and falls on him, He sustains extensive damage to his right upper chest area resulting in right carotid and subclavian vein dissection, as well as his spinal cord.

Two bystanders witness the accident and activate emergency personnel right away.

He is still alert when he arrives in emergency room and eventually ICU but has lost a lot of blood.

An hour later after admission to ICU, he goes unresponsive.The following day he is declared brain dead but ofcourse his heart is still beating and very healthy, perfusing all his healthy organs. Family accepts organ donation meaning he continues to be treated like any other patient to ensure the organs are viable once the whole procurement process is complete.

He is only 31 and healthy. His organs will be on demand and coordinators have been tirelessly on the phone trying to match recipients via national registry (Huduma number ya organ transplant list)

And now ladies and gentlemen, that has been my ordeal in ICU for the last two nights. Ndiriite magathira kiongo (I have cried until they are finished in the head)… translation

Live every day like it’s your last.

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