Coming To America Part 2: London Here I come

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Coming to America

Continued from here, in case you missed it

After choosing to travel commando rather than go through extreme anxiety due to claustrophobia, I returned to my seat to join that most unfriendly person on the surface of the earth.

The kind hostess offered me another tray. This time around it was chicken even though she did not give me the opportunity to make my choice as before. I was happy nonetheless. I assumed the fish must have been out by then. This time I managed to get hold of my tray. It was the only time the mzungu looked at my direction for the remainder of the journey.

After the dinner, the overhead lights were dimmed except for those little individual night lights. Most of the people were asleep. So many thoughts invaded my mind. I was lonely because I was sitting next to this monster. I started wondering what if he knows I’m commando and pulled one on me?

Thoughts started racing through my mind to a point of getting terrified. I started remembering all the girl talk about how wazungus are animals in that other business. Cold chills went down my spine by the mere thought of imagining I was somewhat stuck with some cold hearted mzungu, in a semi dark environment, cruising commando at 35,000 feet above sea level. I never closed my eyes for even a moment, during the entire eight hour journey to London.

The saying goes when it rains it pours. I had reviewed the calendar many times to make sure my long trip was going to be hassle free as far as the monthly visitor is concerned. The afternoon before I took off I had started having some abdominal cramping but I attributed it to excitement and nervousness at the same time but I was going to be ready just in case. I knew I had a week to go. I was so wrong!

An hour before landing in London, I visited the little small space again. I literally cried. I cannot really go further into how I handled it in commando mode. Ladies always find a way. 
At that time I knew where my first visit was going to be once I landed.

Lets just put it this way. I was glad my carry on bag was well loaded but missing one important item- an extra panties. Don’t ask me why I never packed one because I have never known why. What I was so sure about was that I was not going to enter the USA in commando mode.


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