Here Is What You Need To Know About Cancer

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So what exactly is cancer?

It is a disease caused by genetic changes which leads to uncontrolled cell growth and tumor formation.
A minority of cancers are due to inherited genetic mutations but the majority is due to DNA damage and genomic instability.

DNA holds instructions for an organism’s or each cell’s development and reproduction and ultimately death in all living organisms. It is the carrier of genetic information.

Chemicals are known to cause cancer by damaging the DNA. Just like we use standard precaution with every patient, do the same with every chemical.

Personal Experience

Before my husband’s cancer three years ago, he was the most healthy person I knew. He is a son of a Seventh Day Adventist Pastor. He grew up vegetarian along with other healthy eating habits and practices to the day. He has never tasted alcohol or smoked. He practiced clinical medicine for several years in Kenya before coming to the US. He always incorporated healthful lifestyles and medicine while treating his patients.

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My husband is the most reserved person that I know Hahaha…I know you are stuck here lol na hiyo picha imekataa kutoka. Shauri yako wewe kaa hapo. Just remember opposites attract. He is the kind that spends his days off from work in the back yard tending flower beds etc. On Sundays, he loved mowing the lawn and making sure the lawn was nicely manicured, etc. He used Roundup a lot even though he always used lawn gloves and facial mask.

When he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I cried to the Lord asking him why it had to happen to one of his most faithful servants, a person who practiced a healthy lifestyle from his childhood. I almost went into depression.

My Point?

What is the point of all this? I truly believe my husband’s Multiple Myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow was caused by Roundup. My friends treat every chemical as poison or cancer-causing agent. Do not use chemicals unless you must. If it means pulling the weed with bare hands, ni sawa tu tutazoea.

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