Muigai At Crossroads: Which Way For Uhuru?

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Uhuru Raila Ruto

It is no secret Muigai is at a crossroads. A catch 22 situation of momentous proportions. The handshake was supposed to give him peace from the constant nagging from his erstwhile nemesis turned elder brother, Raila Odinga. It however opened a new can of worms from his own backyard. There is a subtle rebellion from the House of Mumbi.

If we can compare the alleged coopting of Raila Odinga into affairs of the Jubilee government, to our traditional African polygamous marriages, we can discern where the rain started beating Muigai.

A man in our highly partriachal African society seeks a second (usually younger) wife to procreate the next generation of his progeny. It is rare for a man to marry a past menopause woman as second wife. For what purpose, when the so called succulent slay queens are all over the place? What would the 77 year old Muigai Kenyatta’s newfound elder brother, Raila Odinga, who has been rejected by voters in five presidential elections, birth into the Kenyan political dispensation.

It was Barrack Muluka who recently on Citizen’s JKL captured the underlying political mood in the country by saying that Muigai “would soon be irrelevant” because as political realignment unfolds, Kenyans would most likely coalesce around Dr. William Ruto because “he represents the future.”

It is obvious Muigai is a poor student of recent Kenyan political history. He is taking bad advise too. The withdrawal of security from Central Kenya politicians allied to DP Dr. Ruto would boomerang very badly on his political influence in the Mt. Kenya region and it’s diaspora. It will entrench the now open rebellion. Soon he would be booed and told off in the region.

If the Kitaeleweka camp, mainly composed of political losers and incumbents who are by all indications are headed to the political dustbin, does not change tact, Uhuru Kenyatta will be in for a rude shock. Raila Odinga is already done politically. Dr. William Ruto is just beginning and by all indications, he is no pushover. He is a good student of retired President Moi when it comes to being humble in the face of intense political provocation. The harrassment of his political acolytes is one such provocation.

It is obvious that there is a plot already hatched to paint him as defiant of his boss. That is the latest online noise by the Kitaeleweka Mujahedeen. The other trap that was being placed on his path by the interior Ministry was in regard to the Huduma Namba.

Had he not registered prior to attending the Citizen TV interview, that would have been the only question by Hussein Mohammed. That his registering after queuing with ordinary Kenyans seemed somewhat perfunctory must have confounded his detractors. They went all silent probably looking for the next narrative to throw his way.

The kieleweke mujahedeen and their paymasters at Harambee House must be sure of what they are up against. They may call Dr. Ruto the High Priest of Corruption, a thief, a land grabber, etc, but in the absence of solid evidence against the allegations, that would remain just political noise. They must know they are no match to Dr. Ruto’s charisma and organisational skills. He is capable of bringing the majority of Kenyans behind him, including Muigai’s own backyard.

And by the way, who said Dr. Ruto needs 100% of Mt. Kenya and Luo Nyanza vote to win in 2022? What is his support in the rest of Kenya? Politics is about numbers and bringing out the vote. The same kieleweke choristers would be hard pressed to bring out the vote in Mt. Kenya region without a candidate of their own.

Most likely those who will turn out in the region would be die hard Ruto supporters. Kitaeleweka would be turned on its head and take a totally different meaning. Muigai will coil his tail and silently head to Ichaweri, to sip some fine whisky while watching the sunset under some avocado tree

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  1. For ruto to garners a quarter of Mt Kenya votes in case Muigai turns othersides it will be a miracle. As you say ruto is a student of moi academy i agree, everybody on tangatanga squad is paid full board. Just wait for push to come to pull most of the ruto Mt Kenya team will not make it back to parliament.

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