My Analysis Of Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

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Uhuru Kenyatta

So who is Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta? He passes off as the nice guy next door who would like to mingle with a kawaida regular Joe in the street? He is that simple Kamash who would regularly have chai and karara (half chapati) at Magomano Restaurant and go slapping hi Fives to every person he meets, laughing and joking with wanjiku without a care in the world.

He would probably care less about enriching himself through genuine or corrupt means. Infact, he may be content with what he has and has no lust for more richness.

When I think of Muigai, I see a guy who would rather live a simple life and just have fun with raiya. Let’s be realistic! The guy is a people’s person and honestly is far from being an evil person. The problem lies in who he surrounds himself with including his family.

Muigai has a weakness of being easily swayed. This is what has cost him lots of supporters and admirers. He comes across as someone who has no stand and wants to please everyone.

This is where Dr Ruto outshines him. Let’s admit it. Dr Ruto is a genius and a natural leader, very skillful in matters of decision making. He is that guy who thinks on his feet to make tough administrative decisions.

Muigai was in to lead the country and nothing more, Ruto was in to assist run the country, and being the forward looking political grandmaster, build his own empire as well. We do owe him credit though for being a skillful co-leader, his other agenda notwithstanding.

If Muigai had a stand, he would have left quite a legacy. I don’t see that happening. His downfall or negative legacy will be nothing, save for his infamous political marriage with Raila Odinga. It is unconscionable to segregate the DP in the name of corruption while teaming up with the Grand Master of corruption, Raila Odinga.

Uhuru’s family, especially his mother, has not helped much either. Let’s face the facts. The Kenyattas are filthy rich! Their typical Kikuyu blood think of nothing but mbeca and more mbeca!

May be, perhaps may be, any financial scandal, including KAA/KQ saga that has Kenyattas name in it has nothing to do with Muigai. He is a mama’s boy sorrounded by greedy family/extended family that he wants to please.

When I think about Muigai, I picture a fish that is entangled inside a fishing net, screaming to get out and spend the rest of his life in a simple pond, interacting with little fish, far away from the sharks and whales. Lack of a firm stand, being easily swayed, and inability to say no to his family will cost a nice guy his legacy.

If you can’t say no to schemes that compromises the economy of the country and 45m people, just to please your own, you are an accomplice and therefore a crook as well.

I love politics; fully engaged in Kenyan politics on most social media programs. Here I share my views without fear or favor. Otherwise, I earn my living as a Senior ICU Nurse in Michigan US

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