Why Ngunjiri Wambugu Is Safer With Ruto

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Ngunjiri Wambugu

My friend and birthday mate Ngunjiri Wambugu is an honorable man. Lately, he is a man in political crisis. To defect or not to defect from Kieleweke (his 4-year-old brainchild), that is the question!

For four good years, the Nyeri Town MP has been the poster boy of the DP Ruto’s bashing gang. He is the founder and Chief  Priest of Kutoeleweka.

Ruto’s growing support

It is good Ngunjiri Wambugu is for several months now, since he went slow on Ruto-bashing crusade, coming to terms with what we have always reminded him: “kwa ground, mambo ni different!

It would take a miracle to remove Ruto from the hearts of the Nyeri Town voters and generally, from the people of Mt. Kenya.
My brother, lazima utatii or forget political office completely! The boot is on the other foot. Lazima Kieleweke 😂

Bottom-up model

Unlike under the leadership of our very own “ga gwiciarira,” Ruto’s Hustler Movement and bottom-up economic transformation message, is very much in sync with the hopes and aspirations of the people of Mt. Kenya, the majority of whom are farmers and “andu a fiashara.”

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Only those intent on committing political suicide will go against the grain – the Hustler Movement. Unless you are measuring us devils, just cross the floor Mheshimiwa Ngunjiri. What you are hearing from the ground is not idle whispers, it is what it is.

That is Wanjiku’s voice.

Welcome home

You now do realize that your Kitaeleweka crusade has been a lone ranger battle that has, for what it’s worth, only worked against its very objective, that of de-campaigning DP Ruto, don’t you?

Thank you though for the publicity. 😏 That is how God prepares a table for his own in the midst of the enemy camp.

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The Hustler Nation is big enough to accommodate all, including those who were on the road to Damascus to persecute us, but are ready to transform and move the country forward through the bottom-up strategy.

Indeed kitaeleweka!


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