Who is Raila Amolo Odinga?

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Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga is the father of all political mischiefs in the history of Kenya. If there is any politician who is corrupt to the core, that person is Raila Odinga. He is yet to get his match.

Let’s give him some political credit though. This guy is mjanja kama Sungura. He deceives the seemingly savvy and most intelligent politicians and unexpectedly elbows others out with so much ease.

Not only that, Raila wins the hearts of his targets like no one’s business. The voluble and self confessed “highly educated” attorney at law, sijui barrister, Miguna Miguna has at different times found himself at either ends of Raila’s political stick. Baba is really a good political manipulator!

Winning Muigai’s heart culminating in the March 9 handshake was a walk in the park. Like I have said before, Muigai is easily swayed. For Raila to jump into Jubilee and purport to be helping Uhuru run government is a master stroke of genius. If it’s not “ushawi or maobi,” which I don’t believe it is, there is something else very sinister.

The guy enjoys being in the limelight and being recognized with high sounding honorifics – “The Most Right Honourable Prime Minister … (Don’t dare insert “Former” before PM!) He cannot comprehend how some cannot respect him as a leader.

Remember the nusu mkeka and “hakuna choo?” I can almost guarantee you that if Raila’s political power was completely stripped, Kenya will need to import all the world psychiatrists and psychologists to deal with his depression. His cravings for power is like pregnant women periodic cravings.

Let’s accept the fact- the guy has guts, whoever his chief advisor is? He must be a genius political schemer too. I believe that person is none other than James Orengo. He may be the force behind Raila’s political tricks and Kenyans should be very very afraid of him.

And where does Ida Odinga fall in the greater scheme of Raila’s never ending political tricks? I can guarantee you the nice lady would do anything to keep herself and her children behind the scenes. She may be tolerating all this because she is married to Raila Odinga and is the mother of his children who require her guidance from time to time.

Having been with Raila through four presidential losses she may be fatigued. She may even care less if Raila, against all odds, became president or not. I don’t suppose Orengo could be on the list of her favorite friends.

The Raila-Orengo axis is capable of deceiving almost everyone but one person – Dr William Ruto. They must be very much aware they are against the sungura of all political Sunguras, the only barrier to their claiming the top seat. When I say WSR is smart, take it from me.

The scheming duo know their only option is to get Ruto out of the political matrix. What a better way than through the endless corruption noise which is never substantiated with finality? Unfortunately they have underestimated the man, his political genius and organisation and generally Kenyans, who may not regard corruption as reason enough to dismiss any leader.

Kenyans very well know that all those top politicos without exception#areallcrooks. Raila knows that if WSR takes the top seat in 2022, there will be no chance for any negotiation. It will be P.O. Box Bondo with finality.

Underestimate WSR at your own peril. He knows himself, understands the battle ahead, knows the terrain and more importantly knows his opponents like the back of his hand. He is not Muigai.

I love politics; fully engaged in Kenyan politics on most social media programs. Here I share my views without fear or favor. Otherwise, I earn my living as a Senior ICU Nurse in Michigan US


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