Who Is The System Sonko Spoke Of And What Is It Upto?

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Governor Sonko

Some time in December 2012 Uhuru Kenyatta, then facing charges of crimes against humanity at the ICC with William Ruto and four others, re-entered the Presidential Race after purportedly withdrewing in favour of one Wycliff Musalia Mudavadi.

Uhuru is famously quoted, then, saying that he had been misled, confused and deceived by some “dark forces.” Sonko alluded to the faceless and responsible dark forces as The System.

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He went further to accuse them of being responsible of the gruesome helicopter crash death of Prof. George Saitoti to even out the political equation in their nefarious grand scheme.

The Elusive System

Many of you on these streets must recall that before Governor Mike Sonko’s yesterday’s unceremoniously ended live interview on Jeff Koinange Live’s show on Citizen TV, the last line of defense for any cornered Kieleweke Mujahedeen has always been: “You wait for 2022. The System will not allow Ruto to be president no matter how popular he becomes. It is The System that elects presidents in this country. Take that to the bank!” Si watu wana mzaha haki!

Now visit the pages of these Mujahedeen, whom we have never shied away from saying they are under the payroll of Interior and National Coordination PS Karanja Kibicho. You will be shocked at the shameless spin they are now conjuring.

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Apart from feigning ignorance of the existence of anything known as The System, they are deflecting the attention from their paymaster, who was adversely mentioned, in the subsequent Facebook Live feed, to alleged corruption by Mike Sonko. Their attention is now in Sonko admitting paying out huge amounts in cash, to Nairobi Women Rep Esther Muthoni Passaris and others for various activities. To them, Sonko should be investigated for corruption.

Mike Sonko…

There is no problem investigating Sonko. He has said he is capable of defending himself all the way to the Supreme Court. However, from what moral pedestal do these Mujahedeen shine the candle against corruption, when they are beneficiaries of corrupt money, from secret unaudited accounts at Interior Ministry to do dirty political bidding for the so called System? They should be very ashamed of themselves.

“He who comes to equity must come with clean hands” so states a famous legal maxim. Their paymaster, which Sonko confirmed is Karanja Kibicho, should be the one to be investigated for paying monthly and weekly stipends to some shadowy online characters and journalists to daily malign an elected Deputy President.

The System’s Candidate

And while at it, it seems the so called system (read Deep State), just as in the approach to 2013, still have their eyes fixed on the colourless political kite Wycliff Musalia Mudavadi as we approach 2022.

I told you last week, Musalia is politically attractive, because just like a kite, he is manipulable. The higher he flies depends on the length of the string, the person tagging at it and of course the wind. Any direction is fair game.

Finally Governor Mike Sonko has proved that those like Ngunjiri Wambugu and his Kieleweke bandits, who shout themselves hoarse from one small gathering to the next have no idea what they are up against in 2022.

If a mere governor has access to considerable intelligence, keeps and records incriminating dossiers, for use at the opportune time, that can shame America’s famous super sleuth J. Edgar Hoover, what of a sitting Deputy President?

Meanwhile, expect to see the loudest Kieleweke crooks changing tact by either toning down their rhetoric or crossing over. They don’t know what is in store for them. By the way has Maina Kamanda or Peter Kenneth spoken much after that famous telling off in the face by Mike Sonko at ACK St. Stephen’s Church, Jogoo Road before Labour Day?

No wonder Dr. William Samoei Ruto just brushes off the loudmouthed Kieleweke bandits as a bunch of clueless and rudderless kutoeleweka busybodies.

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  1. As always you never disappoint.. my coffee getting cold as I cannot take my eyes off your narrative.. refreshingly candid.

  2. What a great piece of writing guided by the truth and nothing but the reality. Well done Njeri.

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