Why Kieleweke Can’t Tame Ruto’s Influence in Mt. Kenya

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Why Kieleweke Can't Tame Ruto's Influence in Mt. Kenya

Last Sunday, Kiambu Woman Representative, Gathoni wa Muchomba, the loudmouthed chorister of the Kieleweke brigade in Mt. Kenya region, found herself on the receiving end of an irate congregation in a church in Kandara, Muranga County when she took her mehemehe there accompanied by other Kieleweke bandits.

Attention seekers

Elsewhere, former Limuru MP George Nyanja is quoted as saying that any Kikuyu planning to vote for Ruto is clinically mad. Nyanja was Limuru MP between 1992 – 2002 when he endeared himself to voters with the populist anti-Moi rhetoric.

With the exit of Moi, voters found no more value for the self declared General Kaiyaba. He purportedly retired from politics. But wait a minute, for a man who cannot account for any development in Limuru in the ten years he was MP, the anti Ruto rhetoric in and around Mt. Kenya is a convenient opportunity for the political dead wood to crawl back to life. What a shame?

If Gathoni wa Mîcara and the retired bonoko General Kaiyaba are the poster politicians for Mt. Kenya region, then the region needs no enemies. For the first time, since the Advent of multiparty politics, the region is approaching a General Election without a formidable political father figure to rally around.

Kieleweke running scared

Uhuru Kenyatta is no longer popular amongst his erstwhile diehard supporters in the region. In fact, they are impatient with the residue two and a half years on his final term. I can bet top dollar that the purported call for a referendum to change the law for a new political structure, will hit headwinds. People are seeing through the political scheme. How does one even think of selling the unpopular Uhuru to succeed himself as Mt. Kenya kingpin? Some people are political jokers.

Some weeks ago I said on this forum that it is obvious the Kieleweke group is a loose coalition of political deadwood, loudmouthed unelectable, former MPs and kanjoras, bitter losers in the last general elections and the preceding party primaries, and losers watarajiwa in the 2022 elections.

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Among current members of parliament in the voluble anti-Ruto rhetoric are Gathoni Mehemehe, Maina Kamanda (who is nominated MP) and the shrill Kieleweke patron Ngunjiri Wambugu. Which begs the question, where do the other elected MPs stand?

Why, if Ruto is unpopular and not wanted in the region, are all other elected MPs from the region not openly joining “Ruto nî mwîci” bandwagon. Is it only Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu), Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu), Alice Wahome (Kandara), to name just but a few, the only ones reading the pulse of the region and courageously stating so? Could the silent majority, waiting on the fringes to finally state the obvious?

What would have transpired at the aborted (read canceled) Maragwa prayer meeting, where the DP Dr. Ruto was to be guest of honor and 130 MPs, Governors, Senators, and several MCAs had confirmed attendance?

Undeniably popular

Tuambiane ukweli. Ruto is a political tsunami in the Mt. Kenya region. People are living in denial. With no candidate of their own in 2022, two things will obtain in the region’s politics.

  1. The people will look at the person who largely represents their interests. Ruto tops the charts by, despite the disappointments from Uhuru, remaining loyal even in the face of betrayal through the handshake. That counts for something in leadership. Forget all the thief rhetoric. That won’t sell in Mt. Kenya region. The region can welcome Robin Hood any time without blinking.
  2. In view of the disappointment by a homeboy and now the absence of a formidable one for 2022, voter turnout will somehow be suppressed. Many I am told, are expressing their unwillingness to vote again only for someone to act whimsically in total disregard of their feelings. Those that would turn out will be motivated by one thing, to vote for Ruto, and if Raila would be on the ballot, as in the past, against him (Raila).

The handshake largely remains a political mystery in Mt. Kenya region and at best, a settling of family political feuds between the Kenyattas and the Odingas. It has nothing to do with the fortunes of the people who are daily complaining of bad times in their businesses and farming.

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Uhuru Kenyatta, in regional politics, is technically and perceptively, old hat and a sellout. He can no longer entreat the region with his 2017 “Njeshi ma ya Ngai ndamûthaitha mûtikangûithie!” This time he may just be told off with ” thiî Ichaweri ûkîûmaga” should he attempt to sell his purported “shock” 2022 candidate, if that candidate is not DP Ruto.

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  1. You doo good analysis of current politics..perhaps you should come to Kenya shape political landscape since you are capable.

    1. Thanks Njeri Kinuthia, you are very much on point. I couldn’t help myself but marvel at your mastery of political landscape back home.

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