Why Raila’s Political Truce Shouldn’t Be Accepted Blindly

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Raila and Uhuru

“If someone broke Kanu, Narc and CORD, that person is definitely now out to break Jubilee. I would like to ask our members to be careful and ensure this does not happen.” – The Standard quoting DP Dr. Ruto in Tabaka, Kisii yesterday.

Raila’s political journey has eventfully taken him through Ford and Ford Kenya during the early days of multiparty politics in Kenya. He would soon leave to found National Development Party (NDP) which he later merged with KANU after a handshake with retired President Moi. He was appointed one of the four Kanu vice chairmen.

With Moi ineligible to run in 2002 Raila had schemed to use an easier route to the Presidency. The self appointed Professor of politics read through the script and instead fronted Uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila scheme having become a cropper, he led the walkout from Kanu and coalesced the National Rainbow Coalition which whitewashed Uhuru Kenyatta at the 2002 elections, with his Kibaki Tosha wave.

His stay in Narc, with his greed for power would soon birth the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) after falling out with Kibaki after the 2005 referendum from where he roped in Ruto in the NO Campaign whose symbol was ?, which Raila would later declare “hata hiyo ODM sasa ni chama”

ODM was in the mix of the disputed 2007 elections and the unfortunate aftermath that almost saw the country tear apart. With the National Accord signed and Raila appointed Prime Minister, things temporarily lulled until he erupted again with protocol issues with VP Kalonzo Musyoka.

Later Raila would cobble up Cord to face off with Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 which he lost at the ballot box and the Supreme Court petition. The never-say-die-until-I-am-President Raila Odinga mutated Cord into Nasa to face off with Jubilee in 2017. He lost again. He petitioned and curiously won on some technicality. The court ordered a repeat which he boycotted.

Now Raila is seated at the right side of Uhuru Kenyatta, the man he once said should be in jail at the Hague, wearing an evil smile as he wrecks Jubilee Party from within, all designed to, as always benefit himself.

The old scheme of an easier route to the house on the hill still possesses him like an evil spell. It is either to use his ardent supporters’ language “achukue hii kitu” or spoils it for the popular Dr. Ruto. He is even shamelessly shouting for all who care to hear that he is “helping Uhuru” run the government, never mind Uhuru has a constitutional principal assistant.

When William Ruto tells off this busybody, he is within his rights to do so. Actually he has been too soft to let the camel into the Jubilee tent.

As my FB friend Wanyeki Kago keeps reminding us, this handshake was actually “an honour among thieves.” There is nothing in it for us watu wa kawaida.

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  1. Surely Raila is a schemer or he’s a political progect for dynasty of Kenyatta and Moi I think they use him so one else can rule Kenya other the one power brokers appoints .He uses the same tactics and I think they pay him well for acting

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