Why Ruto Stands Out As Best Among The Rest

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William Samoei Ruto

“In siasa vitisho ni mingi, heshima ni kidogo, na hapo katikati mabroker ni wengi.” ~ Deputy President Dr. William Ruto.

Love him or hate him, Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has a way with words and knows how to exploit a situation to subtly drive his political broadsides at his political opponents. And believe me, the political barbs are sharp and hit the opponents leaving them gasping for breath.


You can’t even imagine this is the same guy who has dominated headlines in the last three weeks in the alleged assassination plot against him. This statement is obviously politically loaded. He may not even have given this alleged advice to the late Karanja Kabage, but in respect to the family’s request to steer away from politics, the Deputy President was cleverly vague.

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It is not lost to political pundits what he was alluding to in “vitisho.” The assassination plot has captured the country’s political imagination, with blame games, denials and political grandstanding going around. He was in a way telling those who may be threatening him that he is not cowed and is unbowed. Threats are for cowards in the political field.

As for “heshima kidogo,” we all know the political betrayal by those he helped cross the river. We also know the glee with which those he so valiantly fought for in the 2007 general elections, ending up at the ICC, are celebrating and pulling strings in the shadows stoking his current political siege. Politicians are thankless, disrespectful and shameless.

The Handshake

The handshake was actually meant to rain on his parade. Ng’o! He is unfazed. Nobody can stop his 2022 reggae beats even if his closest ally of more than two decades, Muigai disrespectfully abandons him in his hour of need.

And of course, everybody knows the leading political broker in the Republic, who has spent most of the last three decades brokering political deals depending on the politics of the day. From merger and cooperation with Moi’s Kanu, Kibaki Tosha, Nusu mkate/mkeka government and lately the handshake.

He was of course in attendance, at some point looking uncomfortable when his younger brother seemed chatty with his Principal Assistant. The body language betrayed him. It was like he was asking himself, “sasa anamwambia nini na hii handshake lazima impeleke Sugoi 2022?” Dr. Ruto could have calmly been saying that broker or no broker, he is resolute, his eye on the prize will not be distracted by political brokers and conmen.

Ruto Stands out

Seriously speaking, who would be comfortable facing off with a guy of Dr. Ruto’s caliber in a fair political playing field? No wonder all manner of schemes and hurdles are being placed on his road to 2022. Fortunately, he sees all the politically Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) well before they are planted on his way.

The dynasties may be running out of options shopping for a candidate who can checkmate Dr. William Ruto in a fair political contest? Raila Odinga, Gideon Moi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Kivutha Kibwana, and all the other suspects and pretenders don’t make the pedigree.

The Doyen is in a league of his own!

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