Why Uhuru Can’t Force Raila Down Kikuyu Throats

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Raila and Uhuru

No politician, however senior, should force his preferred political choice down our throats. We in the house of Mumbi prefer doing things our way. It’s either our way or the highway. Period!

This is not unique to Mt. Kenya region alone. The human nature abhors dictums. The right to independent political thought and action has never been through injunction at any one time in the Gîkûyû nation. Muigai’s attempt to force Raila and the attendant handshake down our throats is disingenuous and politically reckless.

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Politics just as in love entails the tactical mellow art of seduction. It is only the reckless who forces themselves on others for love. The handshake as far as Mt. Kenya is concerned about is attempted rape. Hence the hue and cry being expressed across the region.

Had Uhuru prepared Wanjiku and explained the “handcheque” before unveiling and introducing the bride whom he had secretly courted behind closed doors, Mt. Kenya’s tone would be totally different today. Maybe Wanjiku would have politely made known her reservations and told him the community does not marry without dowry negotiation first.

The disquiet now revolves around Muigai’s choice. Most cannot understand what kind of marriage this handshake is. Nobody can deduce whether it is political marriage of convenience or an atrocious political gay marriage? Abomination!

Muigai is totally to blame for the current turn of events. He made the bed, he should lie on it. He should stop shifting the blame to local politicians who do not see politics through his own prism.

Reverse psychology is not going to work for him either. Every politician from the region can rightfully stand their own. The deal is between them and voters. The retiring Muigai will have absolutely no say on who keeps or loses their seat.

All politics is local. Kila kitu ni kujipanga my friends. There is still a chance for Muigai to get himself out of this maze. But he needs to pull the right strings. He needs to revisit the art of his 2017 political seduction. Barking like a neighborhood mongrel that barks even at its own tail and shadow will not help matters one bit.

Insulting voters will just alienate him further from his stronghold. He should be advised to calm down and first engage himself to deep political introspection.

He is still a nice guy, though.

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